Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The Essential Conductor



Steve said...

Neat video!

Reminds me of an old classical music joke: The orchestra is ready for the start of their Fall season, when the COO comes on stage and announces the conductor has fallen ill and asks if any of the musicians have ever conducted. The second chair cellist says he conducted a high school orchestra, so the COO tells the cellist he'll be conducting that evening. The opening night was a huge success, the orchestra receives a standing ovation, etc. The next night, the regular conductor has recovered and resumes his duties, and the cellist goes back to second chair. The first chair turns to him and say, "Oh, now you show up, where the heck were you last night?"

Michael Wade said...


That is a great joke. I noticed there were more smiles than one usually sees among the musicians. They may have been recalling that joke!