Monday, February 07, 2022


It is reasonable to expect mega-changes in the following areas over the next five to seven years:

  1. Schools. Home-schooling is going to expand enormously. Certificates will replace degrees in many college subjects.  University costs will be a major issue. Taxpayers don't want to pay for ideological seminaries. Community colleges will have more viability than many universities. Virtual universities with super-star professors are already in the pipeline.
  2. Journalism. Watch for boutique and "cafeteria" journalism as well as mergers of news without the newspapers. 
  3. Workplaces. Expect hybrids of hybrids that provide a mixture of in-office remote and in-office collegial. For the most part people will want to return to the office, but not the office they once knew.
  4. Religion. Men have been leaving churches for a long time. Watch for more male-friendly churches.
  5. Law. There is already talk of making law an undergraduate degree. Watch for that plus a post-graduate apprenticeship program.
  6. Military. A politically-correct military is an oxymoron. People don't want to regress to the bad old days but they want reassurance that the military has the right focus: winning wars.
  7. Community. Social media has isolated and alienated people. There is a longing for real neighborhoods, personal contact, and a sense of belonging. Savvy local politicians and businesses will tap into that.

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