Friday, October 28, 2022

The Pleasure of Slow Reading

I was hoping to find Proust easier in English than in French and do not. All the difficulties of the original are here faithfully reproduced. A sentence begins quite simply, then it undulates and expands, parentheses intervene like quick-set hedges, the flowers of comparison bloom, and three fields off, like a wounded partridge, crouches the principal verb, making one wonder as one picks it up, poor little thing, whether after all it was worth such a tramp, so many guns, such expensive dogs, and what, after all, is its relation to the main subject, potted so gaily half a page back, and proving finally to have been in the accusative case.

- E. M. Forster 

The complexity of Proust is an acquired taste, but once acquired, it becomes an abiding love.

- Joseph Epstein

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