Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Today's Class

Today's class will have plenty of case examples and discussion. There will be some theory but it will be mainly used to explain context. Much time will be spent on clarifications since a great deal assumed by those new to the subject isn't quite right. Interruptions will be encouraged so people don't need to sit on their questions. The interruptions also make the questions more timely.

I pander to my classes by giving lots of breaks so any specialized or sensitive questions can be asked then.

We'll identify the dots and connect them but we'll also discuss which areas are vague.

The idea is to know when to act and when to consult. The knowledge should expand one's intuition.

Oh yes, it will also be fun. Most of the class members arrive with the assumption that the class will be very boring and are pleasantly surprised.

I thrive on low expectations.


Steve Layman said...

How did it go?

Michael Wade said...


It went very well. Excellent evaluations. Great group. Very good questions.