Monday, December 11, 2023

A Few Helpful Questions


  1.  What is wanted?
  2. What is not wanted?
  3. Do we have the right goals?
  4. How much do we know?
  5. What do we don't know?
  6. Which four areas are likely to produce problems?
  7. Are we focusing too much on process?
  8. Are we focusing too much on substance?
  9. What are our assumptions?
  10. What are our competitors' assumptions?
  11. Have we thoroughly coordinated with other teams?
  12. Do we have sufficient resources?
  13. Do we have sufficient experience?
  14. Are key people well-trained? 
  15. How is morale?
  16. What are our fallback solutions?
  17. What are our nightmares/worst case scenarios?
  18. If our competitors knew our plans, what would they do?
  19. Are there any appearance or public relations problems?
  20. Are there any areas that pose questions of ethics?
  21. Is our schedule too loose or too tight?
  22. How will we know when we have succeeded?
  23. What can be lost or omitted?
  24. What cannot be lost or omitted?
  25. How prepared are we?
  26. Who has skin in the game?
  27. How much feedback will we have as our plans unfold?
  28. How flexible are we at each stage?
  29. Is time an ally or an enemy?
  30. Do we need to improve communications?
  31. What new problems will arise at each stage?
[Photo by Rory McKeever at Unsplash]

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