Saturday, December 30, 2023

Cutting In Line

Think of how many news stories you have seen on the plight of illegal immigrants that even mention individuals who are trying to enter the United States through the legal process.

How many stories was it? Ten? Twenty? 


One of the common societal rules is against cutting in line and yet the injustice of those who cut the line in immigration is routinely ignored by reporters and many politicians. 

Another troubling fact is that it is clear that the administration is not seriously enforcing our immigration laws. That enforcement failure violates the current law by creating a de facto amendment; an amendment that was never debated and voted upon in Congress. That is hugely undemocratic, but how often is the circumvention mentioned in the news media? 

One can have enormous empathy for most of those people who want to enter the United States without wanting to favor line-jumping or bypassing the democratic process. 

There are solid reasons for our immigration laws. That's why they should be enforced. And we should favor those who are seeking to comply with the legal process.

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