Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Random Thoughts on Organizations

 ~ The best performance evaluations are delivered via monthly meetings that are ten minutes long. ~ There are more people in search of comfort than in search of excellence. ~ Disasters rarely occur because someone asked too many questions. ~ Department A may do an excellent job and Department B may do an excellent job, but an important blend of their jobs may not even be acknowledged. ~ Dropping the term "Human Resources" and going back to "Personnel" would be a major advance. ~ To measure the effects of a job, look at a new recruit and then revisit that person in five years. ~ Getting rid of secretarial pools was a mindless blunder that harmed efficiency, lowered morale, and squandered time. ~ The executives who approved DEI initiatives have a lot of explaining to do. ~ One chronic emailer can destroy hours of concentration. ~ CEOs may know Paris and London, but have they discovered the exotic worlds one, two, or three floors away from their office? ~ Do not merely examine the products you produce. Look at the people you produce. ~ It is important to know which critics should be ignored. ~ Standard office furnishings create epidemics of boredom. ~ Many a workplace would benefit from brighter colors. ~ Many a large waiting room could use a grand (or a player) piano. ~ Smartphones are distractions and should be banned from meetings. ~ When did doctors decide that it is wise to have rooms with screens or posters that scare patients? ~ If your job consists of administrator, cop, and consultant responsibilities, try to give more attention to the third group. ~

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