Thursday, January 11, 2024

To Foil a Presentation

There can be a fine line between an effective presentation and a poor one, but here are some things to avoid:

  • Telling the audience more than it needs. In most cases, less is more. It is far better that they leave a little hungry. 
  • Failing to provide examples. A bunch of generalizations without specific examples can be frustratingly vague.
  • Failing to connect the dots. The examples may seem meaningless if you fail to show how the details fit together in the bigger picture.
  • Too much technology. If you are going to use Evil PowerPoint at all, use it sparingly. Keep it pithy.
  • Lack of a theme. Your presentation should have a trunk with branches. Avoid going too far out on a branch or getting lost in the leaves. Stress the trunk. That is your main message. 

[Photo by Niko photos at Unsplash]

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