Monday, July 01, 2024

Getting Too Clever

 I've been reading all of the oh-so-clever ways in which President Biden can be replaced by someone other than the obvious person: Vice President Kamala Harris.

These exercises in creativity have been surfaced by people who were more than willing to have her a heartbeat away from the presidency for the first term and who, until a few days ago, had declared their support to do so again for a second term.

Until, of course, they were faced with the serious prospect of an actual Harris presidency.

And yet replacing presidents is what vice presidents are there for.

Joe Biden is either fit to serve or he isn't. If the latter is determined, then the legal solution is obvious: President Harris. And that is not a decision that can be postponed.

If Vice President Harris isn't fit to serve as President, then it would be nice to have some candor about the subject. 

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