Monday, June 12, 2006

Finding Yourself

A good article by Chris Ballard in USA Today on finding the right job for you.

In 1995, I graduated from college and embarked upon what in hindsight could be considered a three-part plan to horrify my parents.

First, I moved home and, under the auspices of "rehabilitating after finishing up finals," slept until noon and serially viewed HBO movies.

Next, I found work as a bartender, which allowed me to continue my sleeping patterns and, as it turned out, my drinking patterns.

Finally, some months later, I took a job selling vacuums door-to-door, a vocation that hadn't been on my parents' short list of expected careers for their second son. It didn't help that son No. 1 was at the same time entering med school.

Read the rest here.

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