Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fighting the Jungle

I’m dedicating part of today to organizing my desk and files. It is like the jungle: If you don’t routinely get out the machete and start chopping, the stuff just grows back.

The project completion system that I’ve been following is actually quite good, but by the end of today it will be much better. As an old time management instructor, I’ve seen a variety of systems and each has items I like and ones that aren’t a good fit. Many are so complicated that they defeat the very purpose of having a system.

As for the Neat Desk versus Messy Desk divide, I’m clearly in the latter camp…up to a point. The point is when I have to spend any noticeable amount of my time tracking things down. My mantra is twofold: Control and Completion. Items must be under control and work must get completed.

The new, improved version is near completion. As soon as I’m convinced that it is truly awesome, you’ll get an update.

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