Saturday, July 22, 2006

Human Rights in Iran

Given what's in the headlines, it may be appropriate to revisit this moving site on human rights abuses in Iran. One story:

A practicing doctor in 1979…
...He was arrested in his hometown shortly after the revolution. A former cellmate recalled: "He was well-spoken, warm-hearted, and brave. He had started his own medical clinic and, at the same time, had become a deputy in the parliament. He told me that he had barely escaped execution, had forfeited everything he owned, and had been condemned to a one-year exile. He said that they had sent him to Tehran to determine where he would finish his sentence. ... He talked about everything with simplicity, ease, and joy... 'I lost everything once before ... This time is no different. I'll start again.'" Yet, it was not to exile but to the 'Execution Corridor' that the revolutionaries sent him.

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