Monday, July 03, 2006

Start Complaining

Emergence Marketing makes a great point on how customer entropy may contribute to poor customer service.

I'm usually very understanding of people who've had bad days or when some unexpected glitch pops up. I will, however, complain or no longer shop at a place if the following occurs:

  • They knew of the problem and seemed indifferent to it.
  • They should have known of the problem and seemed indifferent to finding out about it.
  • They lied.
  • The problem seems to be more of a pattern than an aberration.
  • They are rude to someone who works with me. (I regard this as worse than being rude to me.)

The old line about complaints being opportunities is true. When I complain about something, I'm eager to see how the company will regard it. I want to hear a sincere apology and then a reasonable plan to make things right. If they handle the complaint well, the odds are huge that I'll stay with them and even recommend their products or services to others.

What has been disappointing over the past few years is how often I've lobbed an easy problem to a customer service representative only to see them hide behind the umpire, yawn and watch the ball roll into the dugout, or shout that I should have lobbed it to someone else.

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