Friday, July 07, 2006

Taking It On The Road

A couple of consultants decide to work out of an RV. An excerpt from their story:

We have a few challenges that we deal with regularly, like finding wireless high-speed Internet access on the road, but we have some tactics that we have learned work. I remember one snowy night in particular when we pulled up behind a Kinko's about one o'clock in the morning. The Kinko's was closed, and there was a snowstorm coming, but we were able to sit in the parking lot and send emails and get our work done using Kinko's Wi-Fi connection. We have also done that with Starbucks when they were closed. We also have a broadband card from Verizon that allows us to be online while we're driving down the road, as long as we're on major highways.

The biggest challenge that we face is cellphone coverage -- given the amount that we use telephones to communicate, it's absolutely vital that we have really good coverage. That's why our next acquisition will be an antenna which, together with an amplifier, will allows us to have better cellphone coverage in the coach.

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