Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Telecommuting Dissenters

It didn't take Tony Bono long to figure out he had a problem with telecommuting: "My mailman was scared of me," he says.

A new job assignment had led him to start working from his Cherry Hill, N.J., home. But Mr. Bono soon grew so lonely that he found himself waiting for the mailman each day and racing to greet him: "Hey! Hi, Tom, how are you doing? Want to come in and have a drink?" Mr. Bono recalls saying. He wasn't surprised when the postman started avoiding him.

It's an ironic twist on corporate America's march toward telecommuting: A small but significant number of foot soldiers dislike the trend. As more employers encounter work-at-home employees who yearn for a cubicle again, a few are developing specific strategies to help.

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