Saturday, February 17, 2007

The ACLU Saga Gets Weird(er)

If you think that idealistic organizations (or those who think of themselves that way) are devoid of personnel problems, think again.

The squabbling at the American Civil Liberties Union is beginning to resemble a cross between a soap opera and the Roman senate.

Former director Ira Glasser is turning on his successor, Anthony Romero. An excerpt from the New York magazine article:

"He’s totally ill-suited for this job," Glasser tells me over a shrimp salad at the Empire Diner one chilly afternoon. Glasser ticks off a dozen instances in which he believes Romero was negligent, dishonest to the point of pathology, or bullying of his colleagues. "He lies, and he covers up for his lies," he says. "Anybody who tries to call him on this, he threatens and attacks personally. He’s got some of his own board members scared of retaliation against them or their local affiliates. And the rest of the board is suffering from some sort of willful blindness."

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