Monday, February 26, 2007

Whatever Happened to Cars with Real Style?

Try to remember the last time you saw a new car and said, "Wow!"

As you look over the various models featured in this post at 2Blowhards blog, it is easy to get the sense that when it comes to car styles, in the early days we had the equivalent of fine suits and then "progressed" to hides and rags.


Anonymous said...

Maybe some tastes have changed. I consider pretty much everything at (except maybe the new V8, which looks truncated at the back) to be decidedly stylish. Granted, I still think the DB7 Vantage to be the best-looking car ever made - which is one of the numerous reasons I have one :-).

Michael Wade said...

I stand corrected. If you look in the right places, you can still find cars with style. Unfortunately, I don't see that many "wow" worthy ones on my daily commute. Perhaps I need to move to Rome.