Saturday, February 17, 2007

Consider the Obvious

The meeting dragged on as the managers tried to identify what would please a disgruntled employee.

One person suggested a reassignment would give her a fresh start. Another thought the removal of some irritating co-workers would show that management seriously wanted her to stay. Still another restructuring her job responsibilities so she could work on projects of particular interest. Each idea was designed to produce a result that would please the employee and head off further conflict.

Finally, a seasoned manager wandered by the meeting room and one of the participants posed the question to him. He looked a little confused, then said, "Why not ask her?"

Everyone else stared at the floor. For almost an hour the obvious answer had eluded a reasonably intelligent group.

In all of our sophisticated attempts to create elaborate explanations of why the chicken wants to cross the road, we can easily miss the one about "getting to the other side."

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