Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad Career Advice

Recently, I was struck by the extent to which people are the recipients/victims of wacky career advice so I assembled this list from a variety of personal contacts.

"If you are going to law school, you should study Latin in high school and college."

"If you are going to study medicine, your foreign language should be German. It's the new Latin."

"You should stay at least five years with an employer or people will think you are a job-hopper."

"This is the era of globalization. Service in an overseas assignment will definitely boost your promotion chances."

"You're too old to go back to school."

"They'd never bring in someone from outside of the company."

"They carefully monitor the talent bank in most of these large companies."

"If your background doesn't exactly match what the employer is asking for, don't bother applying."

"The company is not going to promote someone who can't produce results."

"To get a PhD, you have to be fluent in a foreign language."

"They won't even look at you if you don't have a graduate degree."

"They don't care about your appearance. They're interested in what you can do."

"Don't toot your own horn. Just keep cranking out the work. Some day it will be recognized."

"They are only looking for someone with a degree in that subject."

"Don't worry. Nobody checks references."

"If your resume is unclear, they'll ask you about it."

"Specialists don't get promoted."

"What are you worrying about? He won't hold that against you. That was ten years ago!"

"Do you really think they'll have you reporting to that kid?"

"This place would shut down without you."

"Don't waste a lot of time preparing for the interview. Just think of it as a conversation."

"You'll get a chance to apply. They won't fill an important job without recruiting."

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Tejay said...

How about this - dont do "funny talk on the phone - the management is eavesdropping on your calls"

What is Six Sigma ?