Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pizza Wars: Papa John's Is Thinking Ahead

Nigel Travis, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, talks to Fortune about the chain’s growth and its inroads with on-line ordering. An excerpt:

How will online ordering change the way you do business?

Well it's already changed the way we do business. We started online ordering in 2001, and when I came here I saw a phenomenal opportunity, so we've cranked it up ever since. In the last two years we have more than doubled it. Last year we did more than $200 million in online orders, out of $2 billion in total systemwide domestic restaurant sales.

We now have plan-ahead ordering - you can order a pizza up to 21 days in advance, like for a birthday party. Last year we did 260,000 of those orders. We also offer "same again" orders, which lets you repeat your last order. And in the next few weeks we will store customers' credit card numbers to make it more convenient. In our tests, over 50 percent of the customers who had the option to use credit card storage used it. We will also customize our e-mails to customers. We've got a long way to go.

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