Friday, March 30, 2007

How to Get Out of Touch

  • Let your associates filter all of the people and memos that get near your desk.
  • To the greatest degree possible, use tightly controlled meetings as the sole venue for contact with lower level employees.
  • Pop in on farewell ceremonies for no more than 15 minutes of chit chat and only attend events for white collar employees.
  • Be better known by community movers and shakers than by the employees in the adjoining department.
  • Revise the organization chart every eight months.
  • Be more interested in preventing a union than in addressing the issues that may create a union.
  • Exile or fire independent thinkers.
  • Schedule, then cancel, feedback meetings.
  • Scoff at employee attitude surveys.
  • Regard complaints as a sign of disloyalty.
  • Always travel with a retinue of the ambitious and the compliant.


But Seriously Folks... said...

Excellent Michael! DF.

Michael Wade said...

Thanks, DF.

I'd like to think that I've personally avoided these mistakes but unfortunately....