Thursday, July 15, 2010


I love briefcases.

I can get excited looking over the selections at Levenger and other shops, even if I'm not ready to move into some of the price brackets.

One reason for my reluctance is my tendency to use briefcases as project boxes. I have one briefcase for one on-going area of my work and several others for similar specialties. The "training briefcase" is especially-designed with nifty compartments for odds-and-ends. It is kept rigidly apart from the others.

Although leather briefcases are hard to beat when the standard is appearance and flair, one of the best cases I have is a Swiss Army black canvas case that has wheels and can carry a laptop computer, a sizable number of files, and three small men. I also have one of those aluminum cases, several leather ones, and a sturdy Land's End canvas one that looks as if it has gone through the wars.

My question: Is there a particular type of briefcase that you'd recommend?

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