Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Note to Passive Committee Members

Why are you here?

Are your reputation and knowledge so undisputed that all you need to do is to give an occasional nod or cast a rare vote? You watch other members create, propose, and work on ways to achieve the committee's goals and what do you do?

You sit.

You are a mystery to many of us. We are waiting for you to get in the game. We have heard that you did well on other projects and assume that certain skills earned your current rank. The more we learn of your achievements elsewhere, the more baffled we are by your practice of sitting, smiling, and doing nothing.

Doing nothing.

Not just a little. Not merely some minor chore. Absolutely nothing aside from voting and that doesn't count since a trained parrot could say "Aye" or "Nay" without stating the reasons.

Those of us who like to get things done cannot comprehend going to meeting after meeting without making a single contribution. We do know that some people who would work would love to be in your place.
Please do us and yourself a favor. Either start making a serious effort or resign.

You'll probably feel better and we'll certainly feel better.


Jack said...

Yes but your name is on the list for other to see, that is generally the greatest motivation of all.....if you are on a committee you must be important.

Michael Wade said...


Excellent point. I've noticed that some of these people collect committees in much the same way that young girls collect items for charm bracelets.