Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Damage Assessment

It would be difficult to calculate the amount of damage that management inflicts or facilitates when it:
  1. Promotes the office politician over the most highly respected and thoroughly competent person in the department;
  2. Fails to remove a person who drags down morale on a daily basis;
  3. Uses wink-wink, nudge-nudge hiring quotas while claiming to be nondiscriminatory;
  4. Stresses technical legal compliance far more than adherence to high ethical standards;
  5. Fails to listen to employees;
  6. Tolerates abusive people who meet sales or production goals;
  7. Squelches creativity;
  8. Mocks someone;
  9. Hogs important information;
  10. Fails to train people;
  11. Operates a caste system;
  12. Sends people to Siberia;
  13. Punishes candor;
  14. Lets important decisions drift;
  15. Believes its own publicity;
  16. Acts on heavily filtered information;
  17. Never gets out to the field;
  18. Reorganizes and then keeps reorganizing;
  19. Underestimates the competition;
  20. Regards people as expendable; and
  21. Becomes smug.


Clark said...

Thanks for this exhaustive list of detrimental things management can do. It goes to show how many little things add up to a whole lot of problems. I'd like to recommend a new book by Andria Corso called From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor. It shows how to deal with many of these problems you have mentioned and what it takes to reach a trusted advisor status for HR management.

The link to the book is

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the recommendation.

I'll check it out.