Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Small Meal Before Winter Hibernation

Get a load of the menu that Verging on Pertinence has planned for Thanksgiving.

The man has, as they say in some Italian neighborhoods, a heavy fork. In comparison, I'll be attending a diet camp tomorrow.

Since he provides some nifty links for recipes (the one for pecan pie looks especially interesting), here's a pumpkin pie recipe
involving cream cheese and see if you can guess the mystery ingredient for Red Velvet Cake.


DarkoV said...

Thank You, Michael, for the link. While it may have seemed as if, in your words, a heavy spoon was laid out, it was moderation that ruled the day. Well, moderation and a....uhmmmm...exaggerated modicum of choices. No one left the table too full and, since the meal lasted a good 2 1/2 hours, conversation and laughter kept the food from adding on the quick calories so dangerous to one's waist line.

Until next year...a belated Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Wade said...


Everyone who read that menu was envious.

Best to you!