Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hideaway

This photograph at View From the Ledge has solved my question of how I'm redecorating my home office. Now if I can also add this.


John said...

When I came across this a few years ago it changed my life.

Since then I have boxed up hundreds of books, giving them away to the local bookseller to do with as he wants. I did talk him into trading for a single new book by Malcolm Gladwell, but when I finished reading it I also returned it so he could sell it too. I'm down to about twenty-five feet of linear shelving, treasures I will probably leave for my estate to dispose of.

Michael Wade said...


I've given away a massive number of books over the years, often regret doing so, and have been known to buy my own books back from used bookstores.

The jungle needs frequent trimming.