Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Ethics Chat

I'm talking to a couple of groups today about ethics.

Attendance usually has to be mandatory for such sessions since few people think it wise to tell the boss, "I think I need a class on ethics." There is also a reluctance to raise the subject due to fear of being labeled weak or self-righteous.

When the subject is broached, however, people eagerly discuss it. You can tell that they have questions or rules of thumb and are interested in getting other ideas. Many probably underestimate the good influence they have had on others over the years.

Some savvy in-house people will start the program. I'm the old trout brought in at the end to give additional perspective.

It will be fun.


Milton "Milton the Stapler" W said...

"weak willed?" that's an unexpected attitude... Aware of what they're up against, righteous people need be *strong* willed. e.g., (slavery) abolitionists.

Michael Wade said...


You are correct. Being ethical is not for wimps. It requires courage and often the willingness to pay a very heavy price. I've encountered many situations where, when it comes to being forceful, the ethical stance is placed below that of the person who just stresses legal compliance. Being ethical requires much greater strength. The abolition movement is a great example.