Monday, February 28, 2011

Lewis Sued

Michael Lewis, author of "The Big Short," is being sued for defamation. I haven't read the book, but enjoyed his first best seller, "Liar's Poker." Anyone who read that one no doubt recalls The Barracuda.


Shana said...

I just read Liar's Poker and didn't come across the Barracuda...I've heard about this character before, however. Is there more than one version of the book that was released?

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for catching that. I stand corrected. It was The Human Piranha.

"The Human Piranha was short and square, like the hooker on a rugby team. The most unusual thing about him was the frozen expression on his face. His dark eyes, black holes really, rarely moved. And when they did, they moved very slowly, like a periscope."