Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Telephone Etiquette

Which of the following do you find to be a lapse of telephone etiquette? Which is the worst?
  1. Fast and/or garbled voicemail messages that you have to replay five times to decipher what was said.
  2. Callers who assume that you recognize their voice.
  3. Secretaries who call and then ask you to hold until their boss comes on the line.
  4. Late in the evening or early in the morning calls on minor matters.
  5. Telephone solicitors who act as if they know you.
  6. The use of cell phones in restaurants.
  7. Call waiting.


Rick Knowles said...

Here's my top 3 from the list:
1. Fake-familiarity solicitors: You're trying to start a business relationship on BS? You lost me at hello.
2. Secretary initiates call: Incredibly pompous to assume your time is more important than mine.
3. Minor matters at inappropriate times: Your terrible planning skills should not impose on my ability to be peacefully at home at a reasonable hour.

John said...

I get pissed off just looking at the list. Everything there violates good manners. I find myself becoming less gentlemanly as the years go by because my patience with violations such as these has put warts and callouses on my own sensitivity.

To some degree I feel no remorse when I'm equally "rude" to any of these perpetrators. But #6 the one to be most careful about. I have no problem hanging up or disregarding most of the list, but strangers in one's presence can be subject to fits of rage.