Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheap Father's Day Gifts

Okay, if you're strapped for cash a card will do, but unless he is a complete ogre you should get your honored father something beyond that for Father's Day. As a public service, I suggest some inexpensive gifts:

A bottle of Aqua Velva aftershave. What Would Dad Say once recommended this as a Christmas gift and the old guy was right on target. It can be found in any drug store and, let's be blunt, it does the trick. Real men like it because you can slap it on and the scent is pretty much gone within an hour. If you want to move up several notches, get your father some Bay Rum. Nothing fru-fru about those choices.

A paperback novel by Elmore Leonard, Daniel Silva or Ed McBain. Read the first paragraphs and you'll see why Dad will like them. It can even be a copy from a used bookstore. Trust me. He won't care.

A map of an exotic location. Men like maps. You don't even need to frame it. A map of London, Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Tokyo or Berlin will spark dreams.

A paperweight. Not one of those expensive crystal jobs, but something that can be used as a paperweight, such as a toy animal, car or plane. The paperweight part is just a cover story. The fact is he wants a toy. [I write that while looking at a small lead Foreign Legionnaire on my desk.]

Any other nominees?


Kurt Harden said...

Ever tried Florida Water? Dirt cheap and smells damned good. Beats Aqua Velva by a long shot and costs about the same.

Michael Wade said...


I don't think I've seen it. Where can it be purchased? I'll give it a try.


Kurt Harden said...

Where else?

Michael Wade said...

I should have known!


Brandon said...

Giving gift to our father during father's day, birthday or this Christmas holiday would be very great timing to show and express your love and care to your father. You could think possible gift he would always like or something he could use daily. It would make your father so happy.