Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wild Kingdom

My front porch is turning into Wild Kingdom. A family of white geckos has long had residence there and now some snails are starting to check out the territory. The geckos are cute, eat bugs at night, and hide during the day. The snails are cute, like night and early morning, and do whatever it is that snails do. [My plants are too rugged and can't be harmed.] The bird gangs that frequent my yard pay them no mind.

One neighbor had a raccoon family in his garage. A (pack-herd-Kiwanas Club) of javelinas was seen a few streets north and there are a couple of coyotes who wander the neighborhood and keep the feral cat population in check. Owls and hawks work the graveyard shift but the woodpeckers have moved on. Some ducks coast down to swim in recently irrigated yards.

Not seen in years: horned toads and tortoises. Pity.

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