Monday, May 30, 2011

The Negativity Game

Someone has done a good deed. Let's find ways to criticize it!

  1. "Show-off."

  2. "I bet there's an ulterior motive."

  3. "Well, she could certainly afford it."

  4. "That's the least he could do."

  5. "Should have done something else."

  6. "I know someone who did much more."

  7. "It has a few flaws."

  8. "Why was that done now? Just asking."

  9. "It's a drop in the bucket."

  10. "I would have done it better."

1 comment:

Bob said...

I always find it interesting that it's almost always the 2nd person who reviews something that is "always assumed to be right" Why is the 2nd opinion almost always deemed more credible?
This person is always able to do a task twice as fast for half the price of the person who actually did it.....Amazing!