Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Zoo

"The management team went to a special workshop last week. It was pretty informative."

"What did you learn?"

"We learned about our management styles. For example, I'm a Bear and Rachel is a Wolf. I think Tom's a Raven. Each title, of course, denotes various characteristics."

"Were there any Weasels or Slugs?"

"You're being cynical again."


Bob said...

Were they all wearing red and blue hats?

I was once at a workshop where they asked everybody to stand up and squat down and imagine you were being a rocket ready to launch after a countdown. I said that is ridiculous and refused to participate.....

In contrast at another leadership workshop the presenter had an elaborate backward blind fall exercise off a table with a chair on top the planning and volunteers went on for awhile.....the whole point being that nobody said anything about it being dangerous and stupid and that everybody was happy to be a follower....

Michael Wade said...


There are few exercises so dumb that they have not been tried in some workshop. They are cringe-worthy. You were right not to participate.