Monday, January 09, 2012

Miscellaneous and Fast

Wally Bock has three inconvenient truths for team leaders.
John O'Sullivan on the new film about Margaret Thatcher.
An impressive program to meet your 2012 physical fitness resolutions.
Sensory Dispensary has the Master of Business Card Throwing.
Back to the 90s: A review of "Portlandia."


Dan in Philly said...

Having watched about 3 minutes of "Portlandia" over the weekend, I DVR'd it. The sketch where the 20ish activist tries to get his petition signed by an indifferent housewife, only to have his parents show up and try to convince said wife she was damaging this son's psyche, only to have the grandparents show up to tell this same wife she was harming her son's self-image as a parent to a delate young man - I coldn't stop laughing!

The grandparents taking them all out for ice cream while the parents strapped the grandson into a car seat in the minivan just was icing on the cake.

Michael Wade said...


I will definitely have to check it out.