Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So We Can Say

You've seen the dance.

The training session was not held to train anyone but instead so someone could say that people had been trained. The study was ordered simply to have a shield. Put it on the shelf. It may come in handy some day when a pesky critic asks if anything has been done.

The primary appeal of some actions is not a direct one. It is ancillary and meant to achieve another end. It is the workplace equivalent of diploma fraud.

There must be a huge market in the "So We Can Say" business. That may be because so many of the participants refuse to admit that they are in it.


Dan in Philly said...

I would seriously advise you to write a satirical play based on this concept.

Michael Wade said...


Interesting idea.



Bob said...

Check Box Management....Consultation check, study check, course check, review check, training check.....All done....The outcomes are unimportant, the quality is unimportant, consulational outcomes were never intended to be considered, although we had consultation, "look there is a check mark in the box" but our actions have been check off.....on paper it looks like a wonderful job, meanwhile in reality most are wondering what it was all about, disillusioned because nobody ever listens and the waste of time and energy. People generally appreciate meaning and quality... The shine of the glossy cover has little to do with the quality....but hey it looks good, therefore it must be good.

Michael Wade said...


Remember the saying: "Work it may but it shine it must."