Sunday, August 19, 2012

Small World

Joel Runyon of the Blog of Impossible Things is in a coffee shop in Portland. An old guy starts talking to him about computers. Suddenly, something very unexpected happens.

Great story.



jkopito said...

Michael -
This was a wonderful story - made my morning.

But while doing my drive time to work, I had another take...

Joel initially referred to Russel as an "elderly gentleman" before he knew who he was and what his background was. I'm sure he was being kind in his post - I'd guess that he was thinking "here's another old guy trying to chat me up about computers."

I thought of a conversation I just had with a colleague I've known for most of my career and many years. Caught in the downdraft of the economy, he's been out of work for too long a time.

While ruminating about the changes in our business (printing/graphic arts), he said -

"Here I am at 60 years old, probably at the most knowledgable and educated time of my life in my career - and yet nobody wants me because I'm old."

My takeaway - there is so much wisdom to be found if you can just take your eyes off The Screen.

'nuff said...

- Jeff

Michael Wade said...


Excellent observation on a subject that deserves more attention. Churchill became prime minister at the age of 65. He wouldn't be hired as an executive in many firms simply because of his age.