Thursday, May 02, 2013


Thinking, thinking, thinking. Burst of work. Project completed. Thinking some more. Burst of work. Portion completed. Short break. Thinking, thinking. Draft of project to client. Call from another client. Training date moved. Blog post. Another call. Plans made for major presentation to committee. Block out prep time. Some quick brainstorming. Some more emails. Coordination email. A note to run an item by a lawyer. Good luck tracking him down. Tweet. More brainstorming. Another email regarding a class revision. When due? Another call. Chewing Altoids. Ethics question. Checking email: delete, delete, delete. A blog post scheduled for two days from now. Where's that paper? A coffee meeting for Friday? Let's see. More bursts. Another draft. Which is better? More thinking. Pack briefcase for the evening. How much has been done today?

I can't believe we're in May.

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