Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peculiar Names for Groups

Animal Planet lists terms used for groups of animals. Some examples:

  1. A quiver of cobras
  2. A murder of crows
  3. A convocation of eagles
  4. An ostentation of peacocks
  5. A mob of kangaroos
  6. An exaltation of larks
Consider appropriate terms for the following groups:
  1. Surgeons
  2. Trial lawyers
  3. Gardeners
  4. Management consultants
  5. Engineers
  6. Plumbers
  7. CEOs
  8. Supervisors
  9. IT Specialists
  10. Professors


djangoboris said...

An Unkindness of Ravens...

Michael Wade said...

That's one of my favorites.


Bob said...

You'd have to have a crevice of plumbers. A swarm of lawyers. A yard of Gardeners. Miracle of surgeons. An enlightenment of Consultants (a dream not necessarily a reality). A structure of Engineers. A palliate of Professors. A zhlub of IT Specialists. A conglomeration of CEOs. A sagaciousness of supervisors.

I better get back to work

Michael Wade said...


Those are great!