Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Card Catalog Effect

FutureLawyer, the legal/tech wizard whom I'd describe as my chief smartphone advisor but for the fact that it would destroy his reputation in the geek community, derides my passion for project boxes as "quaint."

Aside from a quasi-religious belief in all things technical, his position may be driven by two things: (1) the desire to protect his work from marauding parrots and (2) my failure to mention The Card Catalog Effect.

Curl up on the floor around the Victrola and harken back to the halcyon days when libraries used card catalogs. Now wipe that tear from your eye. Card catalogs were works of wooden beauty and each drawer possessed a hidden benefit: while thumbing through the cards to find one book, you often found others of interest or importance.

That is part of the appeal of project boxes.


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

I am smiling as I ponder you lovingly caressing the wood of your card catalogs and project boxes. I am also pleased that I don't have to pay the bill for the huge storage area you need for those massive wooden boxes. And I weep for the poor trees who gave their life for you.

Michael Wade said...


I suspected there was an altruistic reason for your conduct. It was the weeping that threw me off.


CincyCat said...

I took my girls to my favorite deconstruction reclaim store, and lo and behold - they had a classic library card catalog cabinet! I explained what it was used for, and how each drawer held hundreds of index cards so you could find books in the library. (It occured to me as I was talking that it was likely to be one of the rare times in their lives when they would actually see one in "real life".)

Michael Wade said...


That may be the only time they'll see one.

I would have been tempted to buy it although its use probably would have been to hold various nuts and bolts in my garage.