Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Morass

Low standards portrayed as cutting edge values. Tailored but empty suits pretending to be bold leaders. False indignation as morality. Waves of selective nonjudgmentalism. Vulgarity and ignorance hiding beneath a blanket of what was once called "cool." The self-described tolerant seeking to label any dissent from their orthodoxy as poorly educated or evil. Exaltation of anti-heroes and then bafflement at the lack of heroism. Weakness called strength. Deep used as a synonym for incomprehensible. Basic rules whittled to suggestions and suggestions regarded as vague yearnings. Celebrity placed above character. Mindless entertainment. Victim status coveted and exploited. The security of a prison cell trumping the risks of freedom. Advocacy as a blood sport. The rule of tribes. Trash praised as art. Non-believing fanatics. Totalitarian nannies and rampant narcissism.

If the natural world doesn't present enough problems, we'll create plenty of our own. 

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