Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why You Must Be Perfect

You must be perfect because, as we all know, none of the famous singers ever recorded a poor song; none of the famous writers ever wrote a bad book; none of the famous dancers ever missed a step, nor have the famous painters ever painted anything that caused people to think, "This is a scam."

The political leaders are certainly mistake-free. So too are the journalists. As for Hollywood, those people do exemplary work and, now that I think of it, never make lousy movies.

The musicians hit every note, the bricklayers are never even slightly off, and the chefs bake everything to, well, perfection. The scientists don't need to experiment; they just know. Doctors cure every patient, lawyers win every case, explorers always know the trail, and the thing we like most about home run hitters is they never strike out.

So why shouldn't you be perfect too?


Kurt Harden said...

We can't all be David Hasselhoff. . .

Michael Wade said...


True, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp.