Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Teaching Exodus?

Teachers with enormous experience and much to offer are being forced to shelve valuable lessons because they interfere with a testing schedule designed by someone who could not teach a class of students on his best day. Drop into a break room and you’ll hear good teachers muttering bitterly, “Those who can, teach, and those who can’t, make rules for teachers.”

Read the rest of Rafe Esquith on why great teachers are fleeing the profession.


Tom Cooper said...

Public education is broken. We are increasing spending on schools, but it's really more administration, and the results simply are not there. We need to look to innovators like Sir Ken Robinson and Harvard Economist Roland Fryer's work to find answers. Doing more of what we are doing - even doing more of what we did last century simply will not work - the world is no longer needing factory workers - we need more broadly educated people....

CincyCat said...

This is one of the reasons our kids are in an independent Montessori school.

Instead of leaving the profession, I wonder if these teachers have considered setting up chartered, independent schools so they can teach the way they think is best? Many states have voucher programs for lower income families, so that they can afford tuition, and some independent schools can be tuition free for students if the right benefactors come along.