Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Thoughts

Less can be more but often it is just less. Brilliant ideas should be carefully handled because they can shatter or burn. Every day we set out to conquer ourselves. Procrastination can be used to fuel our focus. Before you raise or lower something it helps to know how far is too far. Watch out for problems that continue to be fixed after they have been solved. When in unknown territory, a periodic review of the map is wise. Don't expect solutions from people who have invested in failure. Some professionals think they are high priests. Candor is one of the most valuable team virtues because it is so rare. Doing the basics can be regarded as profound and in many places it is. The best information is off the record. It is a shame that the lean and hungry are so articulate. It doesn't take long to spot a hater. A sign of character is what a person can walk away from. Over the long term, the people seated around the kitchen tables of a nation are more influential than those in any cabinet room. It usually pays to honor the "square" instead of the "cool." Millions worship political beliefs and disdain religious ones. Each city has a collection of success centers known as libraries; failures boycott them. It is hard to produce achievements without courage, patience, and energy. Many policies are the equivalent of buying expensive track shoes for fat men. Our memories have vaults filled with off-hand remarks and small gestures. Projects frequently look easier from the outside. Always listen to the quietest person in the room. If we know what is needed, why aren't we doing it?

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