Monday, May 12, 2014

Kidnappings, Kardashians, and Crustaceans

Political Calculations laments what's happened to the Internet.  An excerpt:

As best as we can tell, the Internet has degenerated into a massive electronic wasteland that is increasingly being overrun by cats. And Kardashians. And countless other empty distractions with precious little room to communicate useful information about real life unfolding in the real world in real time.


Unknown said...

I fully agree, Michael.

Kurt Harden said...

I try very hard to avoid those growing neighborhoods on the Internet as I would in my town. I notice television news is developing the same way, if you add weather and the threat of the latest named rainstorm to the mix.
I consider myself incredibly fortunate to hang around a better sort on Internet.

Nelson Biagio Junior said...

I also agree with you, Kurt. I try to avoid all internet distractions as possible. I barely use facebook nowadays.

I start my days reading you, Michael and Nicholas Bate, after that, I use to spend some time reading the news and twitter. Now, I´m using my time to write a lot, too.