Monday, August 17, 2015

A Daily Pleasure

Every Sunday, I exhort readers of this blog to "find something beautiful today."

Consider how richer our weeks are when we do that daily. We can study dimensions and perspectives while driving. Street scenes become dramas. People are novels. Watch them and try to imagine their lives. Note their gestures and expressions.

And the sky, of course, is an ever-changing art gallery.

Start with something simple and study the beauty and complexity of your own hands. [My skin resembles that of an old lizard but even lizards have beauty.]

We are surrounded by beauty and miracles.


Daniel Richwine said...

Once I was hiking with my wife and we saw a professional photographer taking a detailed photo of some moss beside a waterfall. Curious as to what was so beautiful about moss, we studied it in detail.

That small patch of moss had a story to tell. A story of seeking out just the right amount of light and mist, fighting with and ultimately cooperating with other forms of life and rocks nearby. A story of triumph and sorrow, really.

You post is true and well said. Thank you once again.

Michael Wade said...


Thank you!

That's a great example.