Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You Just Might Be a Book Lover

You just might be a book lover if:

  • You own more than one copy of the same book and it's not the Bible.
  • You recall every unreturned book you've ever loaned.
  • You buy books but may not read them for five to ten years and that does not bother you in the slightest.
  • You have purchased a book at a used bookstore and later, when you looked just inside the cover, found your signature on the title page.
  • You underline, mark, and dog-ear pages of some books while treating others as if they are historical artifacts.
  • You roll over in bed and find a book or two. Or three.
  • You give some authors a second chance but are ruthless with others.
  • You get excited whenever you "discover" a good and prolific writer.
  • You like the smell of the pages.
  • You can remember the book covers of novels you read many years ago.
  • You occasionally read some passages out loud.
  • You won't read a book if your mood wouldn't do it justice.
  • You get nervous at the thought of being trapped on a long flight without a book.
  • You often shop at more than three bookstores.
  • You know every bookstore within five miles.
  • You can remember the first hardback book you purchased.
  • You believe that e-books can be convenient but they will never duplicate the experience of holding, and turning the pages of, a fine book.

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