Thursday, November 12, 2015


Last night I had dinner with Kurt Harden and Wendell Crain in Scottsdale. They are in town for a conference and it was a true pleasure getting to meet them even though I feel as if I'd already met Kurt due to his prolific blogging.

Aside from his exec work at MedBen, Kurt is the brains and creator of Cultural Offering, an excellent blog that covers a wide range of subjects but which is really about how to live a good life. [Aristotle would have loved it.]

Wendell is a security/infrastructure/web guru and he was at the conference as the resident expert on one of MedBen's new products.

Both are great dinner companions and it was an honor getting to meet them. Each has a gift for conversation and the subjects covered medical issues, politics, home-brewed beer, pistols, history, family members, dogs, art, and zombie attacks, although not in that order. In fact, some of the problems of the world were solved last night.

We'll do it again.


Daniel Richwine said...

Ok, I'm jealous.

Michael Wade said...


It would have been great to have you there!