Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Early Morning Management Reading

The early morning is a great time for reading. I'm juggling several books right now, most of which are about management, and they help to ease the day in the right direction.

Yesterday's reading was on material related to team problems. Insufficient communication and coordination are significant in many areas and the blurring of roles can add to confusion; e.g. some supervisors, due to the nature of their job, shift between working as a peer and then as a supervisor. Some teams are swamped and others have large amounts of "down time." Each brings unique challenges.

Anyway, the morning reading sessions get "the little grey cells" moving. Today I'm pondering the gaps in some of the theories. [Proposed new approaches can sound so impressive until you walk them through implementation. You can become very keen on spotting the moments of vagueness between a new strategy and a "presto, here it is" result.]

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