Monday, January 04, 2016

Random Thoughts

The "to do" list is not as important as the "done" list but many people give it more attention. ~ The timid regard the bold as rash and the reckless regard caution as cowardice. ~ Shining shoes is never a waste of time. ~ A good fifty percent of the paperwork in our offices is mysterious and the real mystery is why we kept it so long. ~ We create our personal ideologies and it is wise to know what they are. ~ If failure were a piece of furniture it would be well-polished and in a prominent place. ~ Many organizations are conspiracies for the comfort of their members. ~ If there were no major problems in the world people would scramble to create some. ~ It will be a great person who produces as much pleasure as coffee and chocolate. ~ I hope that cinnamon plays a positive role in the cure of major diseases. ~ Some of the best stories have meanings that are discovered long after the initial reading. ~ Classical music is the world's greatest therapy. ~ The adversarial nature of the legal system has spread to general discourse but without a judge to say "Knock it off." ~ My calendar has events that were written down with anticipation but are approached with dread. ~ We should celebrate the morning and be glad we're still around. ~ Complexity and simplicity are multi-talented and can play heroes and villains. ~ Many a good deed is unrecognized by the doer and the recipient.. ~ We live in a society that facilitates indiscretion and then punishes people for it. ~ Excuse-making is a major industry in every nation. ~ Thinking it and saying it should be separated by a high wall. ~ "That's just the way I am" is an early epitaph for dreams. ~ Know what to expect when people behave like people. ~ We treat many subjects as required courses but regard Knowing Yourself as an elective. ~ One good blazer beats five cheap suits. ~ You should always have a pen, paper, and a good book nearby. ~ Each day is a search for time even if we are surrounded by it.

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