Thursday, April 28, 2016

Noticing Things in Maine

Obligatory Maine nature photo. The lobster was unavailable.

You are missing a treat if you do not frequently visit Sippican Cottage

An excerpt from a recent post:

I can't help but notice that the cat is dead. I've noticed that my wife misses that cat. He lived forever, but not forever enough. It's a testament to how accustomed animals become to being around a family, and vice-versa, that he wanders in and out of a trap set and amplifiers and isn't spooked, and doesn't spook anyone, either.

And a picture of Unorganized Hancock, a band out to win your heart. Follow the blog for details.


CincyCat said...

"He lived forever, but not forever enough." I can relate to that. We have an 18.5 year old cat. It seems as though there has always been a "Tigger" and there always will be. But he's slowed down quite a bit this year, so we know time is getting short. For now, he still bosses around all of our other pets, and they still submit to his authority. We joke that if he could talk, we'd probably hear the equivalent of, "get off my lawn!"

Michael Wade said...


You have a very old cat. A friend of mine had a cat who lived into her early 20s so there may be a few more years yet.

Regardless of the age, it is very tough to lose a family pet. I'm still grieving for a golden retriever we had for years.